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mgrmd10: teith Humboldt ParkLong delayed full length from Chicago's (by way of Oak City, NC and Alexandria, VA) post-noise/damaged indiepop quartet. Following the electronic cut and paste experiments of their Oak City EP, Joshua Grubman, Lisa Shelley, and Trevor de Brauw began to reconfigure their music for live performance, enlisting guitarist Billy Baumann to help expand their sound. The resulting five songs are a vast reconceptualization of Teith's idiosyncratic style, crammed to the seams with infectious melodies, cascading waves of gently pummeling distortion, and a unique sense of structuralism that is the band's hallmark. Veering from catacomb depths of apocalyptic doom to stratospheric heights of bristling post-apocalypse rallying anthems, Humboldt Park is the final document of a band that exemplifies Dr. Eldon Tyrell's old proxy "the light that burns twice as bright burns half as long." Available digitally and in a strictly limited edition of 100 vinyl copies pressed on 180 gram vinyl and packaged in custom screen-printed sleeves.
Available now on Bandcamp

mgrmd07: no funeral the obsidian monolith of griefchicago instrumental trio no funeral labored for years creating a sound that lives up to the title of this posthumous full length. crystalline guitar riffs weave around sparse drum and bass patterns before erupting in cacophonous waves of noise. no funeral were an amazing band that never received their due - somehow never playing out of town aside from a single tour of New Zealand (apparently the only country that were picking up what they were putting down). we are extremely humbled to release this masterwork upon the world. first pressing available in an edition of 100 copies in vellum envelopes with printed cardstock inserts. $6 ppd

mgrmd05: feltbattery it had wingsben trueblood has been quietly home recording and self-releasing tapes of eerie tape experiments and random music musings for years. "it had wings" is his most realized work to date. over the course of eight tracks loops of bird sounds weave in and out of guitar drones and whispering electronics. at times both playful and unnerving, this is the soundtrack of nature having a booty blockparty DJ'd by robots. $6 ppd

mgrmd03: jazzdozerone afternoon trevor de brauw of pelican joined prolific zine writer liam warfield (war against the idiots) for an afternoon of raging freejazz improvisation in a borrowed loft above the historic adelphi movie theatre in chicago's roger park neighborhood. boisterous, noisy, celebratory, highly caffeinated bursts of postive energy channeled through drums, electric guitar, and clarinet. currently limited to 50 copies in vellum envelopes. $4 ppd

mgrmd02: [my]lA.rdebut recording from this chicago electronic composer. for fans of modern composition along the lines of iannis xenakis or maryanne amachre, these three pieces confound all expectations; exploring the pyschological effects and affects pertaining to tone, silence, and rhythm. a challenging endeavor. limited to 100 copies packaged in a vellum envelope with art reproductions by the composer. $6 ppd


mgrmd06: teith oak citysomewhere in rural North Carolina three "weirdos" got drunk and banged on their instruments until the neighbors were SURE they were lunatics, or criminals, or whoknowswhut. then they proved them right by dumping all their drunken musings into a computer and painstaking rearranging all the parts until they resembled "songs" by their own definition of the word. the production techniques of so-called IDM melded with the sound of hardcore, early 90's punk, ambient noise, and a love of frivolity, sarcasm, and bloody marys, Teith are prepared to make your head swim, your face smile, and your guts puke. packaged in handscreened vellum envelopes with handtyped inserts (it's a labor of love). SOLD OUT

mgrmd04: teith's myspace demo currently out of print, but available as a digital download. Remember that Klaus Schulze record Dune? how about that classic bass sound that Born Against got on Nine Patriotic Battle Hymns? and who can get enough of those dope beats that Boards of Canada rock on Geogaddi? sometimes the best move is to quote the greats when describing your band because if you don't sound anything like the bands you mention you could get away with a brilliant description that captures the elements, but not the feel, of the beast. the format wars are on! DOWNLOAD IT NOW

mgrmd01: histoire architecturehome recordings of trevor de brauw's (pelican) solo experimental project from the years 2000-2005. all pieces ultimately respond to the question of structure and the pervasive effects it holds over our lives and aesthetic perceptions. seven tracks of disparate styles, ranging from extreme feedback noise to acoustic balladry. SOLD OUT :: reissue coming soon from Viva Hate Records in Germany.


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